Статья — Конференц-звонок (бизнес статья на английском языке)

Статья — Конференц-звонок (бизнес статья на английском языке)


(бизнес статья на английском языке)

A conference call gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to manage and direct others. There are some things you need to do before making such a call though.

1) Schedule and plan:
You should be mindful of others’ schedules when you decide on the time. If the people you will have a conference call with are in different areas, businesses or time zones you need to make sure you are not interfering with their plans. Some things to avoid are: calls early in the morning, during lunch breaks or after the usual business hours.

2) Time:
As soon as you’ve decided on a time, send a meeting request to the people you want in the call. The meeting request should include everything that the participants will need to log into the conference (that is the number to call and the password if you will have any) as well as the list of topics to be discussed. When writing the call plan, focus on the positive aspects first, than cover challenges and solutions, ideas to overcome any obstacles you will be discussing.

3) Attendees:
You should make a list which will include their names, where they are from and any other personal information available. You can use this to chat while you are waiting for all the people to join.

4) Reminder:
You need to remind people of the conference call, this is best done by e-mail. If the call is scheduled in the morning, you should send the e-mail a day before the call and if the call will be held after lunch you can send the e-mail in the morning of that day. Additional information, such as reports or documents, can also be distributed along with the reminder e-mail.

5) Review:
You should review any information you will be presenting during the call, and be ready to answer any questions that might come up during the conference.

6) Starting the call:
Be on time, if possible log in 10 minutes before the call. Be sure to check if everything is working and the people will be able to hear you.

7) The first few minutes:
Usually, at least one person will be late, so have some notes to initiate a conversation on semi-unrelated topics. A long silence in the beginning of the call is not good. During this time you can introduce the people to each other, especially if they haven’t met in person before. Even if some people are late, you should start the planned discussion about 5 minutes after the scheduled start time.

8) Follow the plan:
It took time to write the plan, so it is a good idea to follow it. Be aware of the time, as some attendees will not be able to stay after scheduled end time. You need to make sure everything that needs to be discussed will be discussed.

9) Stay on call:
Take notes and listen. People in the office are less likely to interrupt when they see that you are involved. People usually tend to speak less, so you should encourage them by asking specific people questions rather than just asking if anyone has any thoughts or ideas. If you need some additional information, or answers to questions you were not expecting feel free to say that you will get back to everyone after you have acquired the required information.

10) Ending the call:
At the end, ask if anyone has any questions, and make sure they are answered (or will be answered after the call). If a followup meeting is needed, schedule it before anyone hangs up. Lastly, thank them for their time, and wish them a good day or weekend.

11) After the call:
Right after the call, write a recap and send it to all people involved. The recap serves two purposes: Ensuring that everyone understands and has a list of responsibilities, and documenting the conversation in writing in case of any future discrepancies. Don’t forget to ask for corrections or addition to the recap if they are needed.

The conference call is a useful tool to discuss and coordinate work. If any decisions were made, be sure to follow them. If work from other departments or employees were promised, be sure it is delivered.


  • opportunity — возможность
  • to be mindful — быть внимательным по отношению к чему-то
  • to interferе — мешать чему-то, вмешиваться во что-то
  • to avoid — избегать
  • to include — включать
  • participant/attendee — участник
  • additional — дополнительные
  • to come up — возникать, появлятся
  • to initiate — начать
  • to tend — иметь тенденцию к чему-то
  • to encourage — поддерживать, поощрять
  • required — необходимая
  • recap (recapitulation) — краткое повторение чего-либо изложенного ранее
  • involved — участвующие
  • responsibility — обязанность, ответственность за что-либо
  • discrepancy — несостыковка, разногласие
  • correction — исправление
  • decision — решение
  • to deliver — предоставлять, выполнять

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