Жильё на Пхукете

Жильё на Пхукете


Жильё на Пхукете

Currently, the European real estate market has almost exhausted its high potential and its resources. That is why foreign investors are looking for new profitable investment projects. You can buy apartment in phuket on the company’s website https://ibgproperty.com /.

In accordance with the fact that the market is cyclical, there is a clear return of confidence in the Phuket real estate market, which, combined with greater stability and liquidity in the market, creates a good platform for increasing activity in 2021. Most analysts consider Phuket to be a very interesting and promising region for investors.

Phuket is one of the main players in the Southeast Asian region. Its economy is showing rapid growth. The real estate market in Phuket is developing at the same pace as the economy.

Luxury condominiums are being built near beaches all over the island, making Phuket the most popular market in all of Thailand.

Ownership of an apartment/apartment in Phuket:

The first question that arises when buying a property in Phuket is the form of ownership. How can a foreign citizen register real estate in Thailand?

Many people probably know that foreigners cannot own land in Thailand, it can only be rented out for a long-term lease, but, fortunately, this rule does not apply to home ownership. Everything is very simple here, for foreigners, when buying an apartment, two forms of ownership are allowed: ownership (full ownership) and leasehold (limited ownership).

The concept of a condominium is also an important legal point. When it comes to buying an apartment in a condominium, most people have an apartment in mind, which is quite logical. In fact, owning an apartment in a condominium is a much broader concept.

It should be understood that the term condominium is not a description of what the property looks like, it should define the ownership rights associated with this property.

From a legal point of view, a condominium is a real estate, the ownership document of which consists of joint ownership and rights to part of the interior space in residential, industrial or commercial buildings. Thus, apartment ownership is a mixture of ownership of a private room and shared ownership.

Apartments in Phuket: types and classification

A condominium in Phuket is a modern complex of buildings with a height of several dozen floors with limited access for outsiders. In this type of real estate, everything is done to make residents feel calm, comfortable and safe. On the territory of the residential complex there is always a communal swimming pool, gym, recreation area, office of the management company, Parking lots and round-the-clock security. Also, saunas, playgrounds or a restaurant are often made on the territories.