обучение персонала, статья

обучение персонала, статья


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To the director regarding the personnel.

Obviously, the problem of personnel is the most bothering question among those that business owners and the chiefs have. Where to take the personnel from, how to prepare and how to handle the staff later on?

Unfortunately, it can be often observed that only 20% of the staff carry out the whole job in the firm while other employees aren’t completed loafers, they just aren’t educated well enough. And it’s, at least, incorrect to try to explain their failure to work well by their “impropriety”, if nobody have spent that nesecessary amount of time for education and development of the personnel.

How long will it take to teach an employee? How can we estimate the efficiency of the education received? In business, first of all, we look at the efficiency. And what we appreciate more in the education is the final product – the employees, who can aply the knowledge at his work but not those who got old while studying.

How complete is your information about your staff? If you tested these people, which results would you get? By the way, do you know that 750000 employees leave their work every month!

It was estimated that 19% of workers planned to quit their job during the following two years. The employee who doesn’t know his duties well enough, at best, won’t bring you much harm.

At worst, he is something like “a disguised hole”, where your time, money and attention will waste away. The absence of educated employees will cost you a lot. Are you ready to bear the losses?


regarding – относительно

obviously – очевидно

personnel – персонал

bothering – волнующий

handle – управлять, улаживать

it can be often observed – можно часто наблюдать

staff — персонал

carry out – выполнять

completed loafers – законченные лоботрясы

at least – по крайней мере

impropriety – непригодность

efficiency — эффективность

estimate – оценить

get old – состариться

by the way – тем не менее

leave work – увольняться с работы

quit job – бросить работу

harm – вред

bear the losses – нести убытки

at best — в лучшем случае

at worst — в худшем случае