Переговоры по телефону (статья на английском языке)

Переговоры по телефону (статья на английском языке)


Общение по телефону — Telephone: language expert

Полезные выражения

I’m calling to fix/arrange/agree another time. Я звоню, чтобы перенести нашу встречу.

Michel and Ana are tied up/busy/unavailable this week. Михаил и Анна не могут на этой неделе.

Do you mind if we postpone it/move it back/put it back to next week? Как Вам следующая неделя?

Which day are you thinking of/do you have in mind/do you want? Какой день Вы предлагаете?

Does Wednesday sound good/suit you/look ok? Вам подходит среда?

How about/ Are you free on/Can you make Thursday? Вас устроит четверг?

Which would be best/convenient/OK for you? Какой день Вам удобен?

We can make it/’re free/’re available after lunch. Мы свободны после обеда.

That sounds fine/great/good. Отлично.

The appointment is/So that’s/We can confirm Thursday at two o’clock. Итак, мы встречаемся в четверг в 14.00.


Check your understanding by reading the script below:

Claire: Hello, finance department

Female: Hello, can I speak to Adrian Hopwood, please?

Claire: I’m afraid he’s in a meeting at the moment. Can I help?

Female:No I need to talk to Mr Hopwood, I think. What time will he be out of the meeting?

Claire: In about an hour. Can you call back later?

Female: Okay, I’ll do that.

Claire: Or can I take a message?

Female: Actually, would you mind? Could you tell him that Jennifer Mc Andrews called and that I’m in the office all day if he could call me back.

Claire: Can I take your number, please?

Female: Yes, it’s 5556872.

Claire: 5556872. Okay, I’ll make sure he gets the message.

Female:Thanks very much for your help, bye! Claire: Goodbye!

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