нормы поведения, деловой этикет в Америке и Британии, сравнение, статья

нормы поведения, деловой этикет в Америке и Британии, сравнение, статья


деловой этикет


business attire rules – правила делового стиля в одежде

be kept empty – оставаться пустыми

patterned ties – узорчатые галстуки

avoid — избегать

striped tie – полосатый галстук

laced shoes – ботинки на шнурках

loafers — мокасины

navy – темно-синий

ivory – цвета слоновой кости

ensure — обеспечивать

appearance – внешность, вид

rural area— сельская местность

acceptable — приемлемый

unwise — немудро

to rush somebody into — подгонять

maintain — сохранять

intensely stare — пялиться

sincerity —искренность

tap your nose – постучать себя по носу

briefly embrace – слегка обнять

discouraged — озадаченный

a gracious written note – обходительная запись

a bribe — взятка

a pint of ale – пинта эля

luncheon –во время ланча

be knighted — быть посвященным в рыцари

Speaking about the business attire rules in England, one can say that conservative dress is still very important for both men and women. Dark suits, usually black, blue, or gray, are quite acceptable. Men should wear patterned ties, while avoiding striped ties. Men wear laced shoes, not loafers.

Businesswomen are not as limited to colors and styles as men are, though it is still important to maintain a conservative image. It’s almost the same in the US — wearing classic clothing and classic colors of navy, gray, ivory, and white will ensure you give a confident and conservative appearance.

Casual clothing is appropriate when not attending a work related meeting/dinner.

Always be punctual in England. Arriving a few minutes early for safety is acceptable.

Decision-making is slower in England than in the United States; therefore it is unwise to rush the English into making a decision.

A simple handshake is the standard greeting (for both men and women) for business occasions and for visiting a home. In America offer a firm handshake, lasting 3-5 seconds, upon greeting and leaving. Maintain good eye contact during your handshake. If you are meeting several people at once, maintain eye contact with the person you are shaking hands with, until you are moving on the next person.

Privacy is very important to the English. Therefore asking personal questions or intensely staring at another person should be avoided.

Eye contact is seldom kept during British conversations. Whereas in the US good eye contact during business and social conversations shows interest, sincerity and confidence.

It may seem interesting, in Endland to signal that something is to be kept confidential or secret, you should tap your nose.

Personal space is important there, and one should maintain a wide physical space when conversing. Furthermore, it is considered inappropriate to touch others in public. In America good friends may briefly embrace while greeting.

Gifts are generally not part of doing business in England as well as in the USA, where gift giving is discouraged or limited by many companies. A gracious written note is always appropriate and acceptable. If you do give a gift, it should not appear to be a bribe.

A business lunch will often be conducted in a pub and will consist of a light meal and perhaps a pint of ale.

In America business conversation may take place during meals. However, many times you will find more social conversation taking place during the actual meal.

Business meetings may be arranged as breakfast meetings, luncheon meetings, or dinner meetings depending on time schedules and necessity.

In England, English is the official language, but it should be noted that Queen’s English and American English are very different.

Often times ordinary vocabulary can differ between the two countries.

If a man has been knighted, he is addressed as «Sir and his first name» example: Sir John. If writing a letter, the envelope is addressed «Sir First name and Last name» example: Sir John Roberts. Introductions include one’s title if appropriate, or Mr., Ms, Mrs. and the full name in America.

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